Legends of the Jungle

Created by The Legends of the Jungle Team

Legends of the jungle is a project to create a new and special line of high quality 75 mm and 54 mm scale characters and animals.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Queen 54mm Diorama shipment will take place next week
about 6 years ago – Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 01:47:49 AM

Dear Jungle Backers,

The casts have arrived and packaging will be done within the next days.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the shipment of the 54 mm Queen dioramas within the next week!

With best wishes to all of you!

Your Legends of the Jungle Team

Production of 54 mm - Queen Diorama is finished!
about 6 years ago – Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 08:39:38 PM

Dear All Jungle Backers,

We have very good news. The casting company of the 54mm Queen Diorama informed us, that the production is finished!

We shall receive the cast copies within the next 1-2 weeks.

Subsequently to the receipt of them, we will start immediately with the shipment to the related backers.

We are very happy that we are close to complete our campaign!

With best wishes to all of you!

Your Legends of the Jungle Team


Shipment of 75mm dioramas is completed
over 6 years ago – Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 07:55:17 AM

Dear all Jungle Backers!

We would like to inform you that all 75mm dioramas are now on the way worldwide!

And we have already received some very nice feedback from some backers from within the EU, as follows:

S.G.: ... package arrived and all is fine. Minis are awesome. Thank you ...

D.C.: ... Package arrived, have to check that every bitz is in there, but the first look casting quality is superb ... Thx for the proper executed KS ...

We are happy hearing about your confirmation of receipt and your impressions.

Comments like these are the main goal and reward of our project!

We hope all of you are enjoying our miniatures!

With best wishes from Austria

Your Legends of the Jungle Team

Shipment News
over 6 years ago – Mon, May 29, 2017 at 11:41:39 PM

Dear all Jungle Backers!

What a beautiful impression. We hope you like them as well!

Legends of the Jungle - 75 mm Versions
Legends of the Jungle - 75 mm Versions

We start shipping this week with the 75 mm dioramas, and we will keep you informed at the time all packages are on the way to you!

Latest within the next week you will also receive your details regarding the entire digital content!

And of course, we will inform you again at the time we start with the shipment of the 54mm versions. At the moment we are waiting for the final casts.

Looking forward to see your smiling faces when opening your boxes!

Your Legends of the Jungle Team

over 6 years ago – Sat, May 06, 2017 at 12:20:49 AM

Dear all!

We are very proud to announce that we have reached the delivery phase in our project as per schedule.

1. Lord and Queen Diorama in 75 mm

We have received all sets and right now we are finishing the packaging and labelling..

2. PDF Tutorial - Francesco Farabi

The painting tutorial of Francesco Farabi is finished and will be part of the digital download. And here we have another nice surprise for you. We will deliver at a later time a second tutorial to you. Francesco has also painted the boxart for the Queen Diorama. And we would like to say thank you again for your support with an additional painting tutorial of this beautiful piece.

3. PDF Tutorial - Roman Lappat

As stated in our last update, you will also receive an additional tutorial from Roman Lappat. We asked Roman to provide first a special tutorial about his great creation of an outstanding base of his Jungle interpretation. Therefore, the first document will cover this process. And at an later time we will provide the additional tutorial of his painting process. It will be a pleasure watching them.

4. Digital Illustration from Heri Irawan

They are ready and will be part of the digital download.

5. Digital Rewards Package

Hector´s content for the Digital Rewards Package is finished and will be part of the digital download.

All these parts are ready!

There is one little issue we have to tell the backers of the 54mm diorama. Unfortunately the master copy was damaged during the transportation to the casting company. This was bad news to all of us. BUT we managed to avoid any big delay for you. So sending special thanks to our casting partners we found a great solution to deliver the 54 mm also latest by the end of this month. This is a fantastic achievement in this issue.

What are the next steps?

All packages of the 75mm versions of the Queen and Lord Dioramas will be finalized latest by the end of next week and will then be sent to you.

At the same time we will send you the information regarding the link for your digital downloads.

In addition the 54 mm version of the Queen Diorama will be sent immediately as soon as we receive the casts, approximately at the end of this month.




With kindest regards

The Legends of the Jungle Team